Explore the vast array of the diversified products which are scrumptious, little tangy and crispy by Popper house. We aim to capture the sweet and sourly elements of our customers be it teenagers, adults or kids across all societies.



Lemon Chilli

Lemon and chili are two different tastes but when they collide together it makes for one awesome flavor.




Burn your taste buds with the spicy and fiery jalapeno flavor packed up in our Yalz Jalapeno chips.


Spicy Cheeze

The scrumptious flavor of cheese and the tingling taste of spices; a new and ever sensational flavor of our Yalz.


Garlic Ketchup

Garlic and Ketchup are one of the best combinations in almost any food. Same is the case here in our Yalz garlic and ketchup chips.